Witness the unveiling of Yanhuangyan's latest products and groundbreaking R&D capabilities at the 135th Canton Fair

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At this grand exhibition, our company is honored to present our independently developed product - the New-X100A, a high-speed nail making machine. This product is a leader in the industry, with its excellent performance and advanced technology winning the attention and praise of many industry insiders and customers.


The New-X100A high-speed nail making machine has undergone a comprehensive upgrade in intelligent manufacturing. It utilizes advanced control systems and algorithms to accurately control the production process and improve production efficiency. The equipment also boasts powerful data processing capabilities, allowing real-time collection and analysis of production data, providing strong support for corporate decision-making.


In terms of the oil supply circulation system, the New-X100A exhibits excellent performance. It adopts advanced oil circuit design and an efficient oil pump to ensure stable operation and a long service life. Additionally, the equipment features automatic detection and adjustment functions, optimizing the fuel supply system for energy saving and consumption reduction.


At the exhibition, buyers from over 20 countries, including Algeria, Turkey, and New Zealand, showed keen interest in the New-X100A high-speed nail making machine. They gained a detailed understanding of the product's appearance design, performance parameters, and application fields, expressing a strong willingness to cooperate. Our corporate team actively engaged with these buyers, addressing their inquiries and sharing successful cases and experiences.


During the exhibition, our company received more than 200 Chinese and foreign customers and nearly 100 precise inquiries. Many customers expressed satisfaction with the performance and quality of the New-X100A high-speed nail making machine, expressing interest in learning more about our products and cooperation methods. In response, we have arranged a professional team to conduct follow-up discussions and negotiations with these customers to explore further cooperation opportunities.


Furthermore, we observed an increasing focus on the development of intelligent manufacturing, energy conservation, and emission reduction due to the continuous development of the global economy and intensified market competition. As a result, we believe that the New-X100A high-speed nail making machine will have broader application prospects and development opportunities in the future market.


Participating in this exhibition provided us with a deeper understanding of market demand and industry dynamics, offering valuable opportunities and references for the future development of our company. We are committed to increasing our research and development efforts, continuously improving the performance and quality of our products, and providing customers with better services and solutions.

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