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Customer from UAE(United Arab Emirates)
Very impressive ! This is a new generation high speed nail making machine. I've never seen such an innovative machine during my 20 years experience in nail making industry. They make it possible to get good quality at competitive price. I'm looking forward to using this new high speed nail making machine asap.
Russia customer
I bought a similar high speed nail making machine from another supplier in China last year. But unfortunately, the main axis was broken after using for several months, it's terrible ! Now I know who is the real manufacturer that has real technology and good quality !
India customer
While most of the nail manufacturers are using traditional nail making machines, we choose this high speed nail making machine which will surely help us develop more rapidly. Although we are new in this industry, we will definitely become very influential in a short time.
South Korea customer
23 sets our model X90, 15 sets high speed thread rolling machines
In South Korea, there are also high speed nail making machine manufacturers. However, their machines are very expensive. After using one sample machine from Yanhuang for several months, we decided to buy more machines from them. Yanhuang high speed nail making machines greatly reduced our production cost and help us gain more benefits.
Africa customer
In Africa, most of the nail manufacturers use common nail making machines from India and China, which is very cheap. When Yanhuang Machinery contact me and introduced me their high speed nail making machines, I was totally attracted. After I visit their factory and see the machines operation, I knew I must catch up the trend and bring in this new generation nail making machines asap.
India customer
We only produce high quality wire nails that with our own brand. So we must use high quality nail making machines and adopt good quality materials. We visited China for several times in the past years, and we knew there're some other suppliers that produce similar nail making machines, which is with much cheaper price. But considering the quality, we'd also like to bring in Yanhuang's high speed nail making machines. We'll start from model X50 and Model X90, which can produce the most popular nails in India.
the Middle East customer
My company is in the United Arab Emirates, I know there are some nail manufacturers in Saudi Arabia that is using Yanhuang's high speed nail making machines. During my business trip in China, I also visited two Yanhuang's China customers. And their performance and public praise totally convinced me to buy their high speed nail making machines.
India customer
At first, I'm intended to see their machines locally in India, but their local service center was not completed yet. I can't wait for 2 or 3 months, so I come to China to visit their company. It turned out that I was right. This visit made me more confident on this machine, I knew it's time to replace my old nail making machine, as soon as possible.
Europe customer
In Europe, when speaking of high speed nail making machines, we mostly mean the Wafios or Enkotec. So when Yanhuang sent me emails to introduce their high speed nail making machines, I didn't pay much attention to it. But when I happened to know some competitor companies in Bulgaria and Turkey are using their machines, I began to study them, then I was deeply attracted. After I visited their company, I decided to buy immediately. They have the best cost performance.
India customer
I've been in contact with Yanhuang Machinery for several months. When I was informed that they will send technicians to India to help their customers with the machine operation and maintenance, I invited them to visit our factory. It was nice commucation with them, they're a group of nice people. I place order to them without visiting their company. And they turn out to be very trustworthy !

Case Study I

One customer said: I am using Wafios and Enkotec machines now. I don't need to increase the production capacity for the time being. It is a delay in sales and we don't need to buy any new machines.

Grasping the pain points of customers: At present, sales are weak, what are the reasons, and there is no cost advantage?

According to our experience, the main problem of your company may be that the production cost of nails is much higher than other factories, so it is not easy to sell! Nowadays, there are several customers who have changed their machines from Wafios and Enkotec to our high-speed nail making machines, the cost has dropped by USD30-80/ ton (mainly the mold cost per ton is greatly reduced, the operation is also simple, and requests for nailers are much lower), and they are actively accelerating the elimination of these Wafios and Enkotec machines that are being used! It is very necessary for your factory to purchase several high-speed nail making machines of our company as soon as possible. Compared with the cost difference of nails produced by different manufacturers' high-speed nail making machines, your company and you should have a strong sense of crisis and urgency to pay a visit to our company (We exported more than 120 units in 2018, accounting for more than 80% of China's high-speed nail-making machine export market. In 2018, we sold more than 260 units in domestic market, accounting for more than 95% of the market), I have absolutely optimistic reasons to believe that your company will become our customer immediately after inspection of our factory!

Case Study II

A comprehensive analysis of JinHeung, Korea
Established in 1976, JinHeung mainly produces high-quality galvanized wire and nails for automatic pallet machine. It is mainly exported to the United States. It is one of the largest suppliers of high-quality nails in the US market. It is stable and reliable in quality!

1. In March 2018, they purchased a machine of Yanhuang X90 high-speed nail making machine. Our company dispatched it to Korea after debugging at the factory. They have successfully completed the daily nail making operation under the guidance of video!
2. Because they used very well in April, May, and June, the quality of the nails that have been hit is consistently stable and reliable, which further improves the quality of their factories. In August, they ordered two more X90!
3. They have completely stopped Wafios’ N90 after using three sets of Yanhuang high-speed nail making machines. The workers and boss of JinHeung all agreed that our high-speed nail making machine is much more convenient to operate. Even if you don't have any nailing experience, you can learn all the daily operations in 2 days. The boss is too happy. In the future, all the workers will be no headaches if all machines can be replaced by our high-speed nail making machine. Compared with others, the total labor cost can be reduced by at least 20% after using our high-speed nail making machine. More importantly, the mold cost per ton is greatly reduced!
4. It took another four months from August to November, JinHeung made a determination, considering the simple operation, and the low operating cost, compared with the ordinary nail making machine, after they used the high-speed nail making machine from Yanhuang, the production cost per ton of nails dropped by 30-40 dollars, so they made up their mind to speed up the elimination of all the ordinary and high-speed nail making machines in the past. They placed a new order of 20 units of X90 on 23 January 2019. Based on the absolute recognition and trust of our company’s X90, they ordered 15 units of our high-speed thread rolling machine (2400-2600 pcs/min) on 23 Jan. 2019, even our high-speed thread rolling machine has just been developed.
5. Like all other customers who have used our high-speed nail making machines, they will switch all to our high-speed nail making machines in the next year. Those who have not made up their minds must have a sense of crisis and urgency. It is time to arrange time to visit our factory. It is time to make up their mind to replace with high-speed nail making machine. As time goes by, there will be more and more customers purchase and use our high-speed nail making machine, their production cost will be greatly reduced, the quality will be more stable and reliable, don't wait until all customers are grabbed by competitors, I am afraid that it may be too late!

Case Study III

Nanjing Tengya is a group company, paper-strip nails is one project of their company. At present, it produces and sells about 1,500 tons of paper-strip nails per month. It is the top three large-scale paper-strip nail factories in China. The group is a national high-tech enterprise, the key high-tech enterprises in the Torch Program, and the top 100 private enterprises in Jiangsu Province.

1. In March and May 2017, Tengya applied 1, and 8 high-speed nailing machines (RMB288,000.00/set and RMB238,000.00/set) of dummy N90 from two Chinese suppliers. Respectively, the machines are too cumbersome to use and adjust. In addition, the mold cost is higher than traditional nail making machine. At the beginning of July 2017, the company knew that our company also have high-speed paper-strip nail making machines, they purchased a high-speed nail making machine D90 (a model specially designed for half-head paper-strip nails).
2. Since our high-speed nail making machine is very simple to debug and operate, after 3 months’ use, the factory ordered 3 units again in December 2017, because one of the counterparts imitated the German N90 (purchased 8 units) high-speed nail making machine often has some minor problems during use, and the damage of the wearing parts is very frequent. They return 3 of the 8 units to the supplier.
3. Since our equipment has been used for 3 months, it is still very stable and reliable. Their factory placed 7 units at one time on March 5, 2018, and then prepared to completely return last 5 units dummy machines that have already been paid back to the supplier. It has been negotiating now.
4. Due to the high stability of our equipment, a worker can monitor 10-15 machines at the same time. Considering the high efficiency and high quality of our high-speed nail making machine, they calculate the cost of each ton of nails. It’s very impressive:
(1) Save 65% per ton of nail labor costs and conservatively estimate RMB50.00 or more
(2) Each ton of nails saves electricity costs 30-60kw of electricity RMB25-40/ ton. For instance: to produce nails of 2.2mm×50mm, using ordinary nail making machine according with power of 2.5kw, it probably needs to consume electricity 96.52kw; but if using our high-speed nail making machine, according to the actual power of 3.8kw, about 53.9kw of electricity is required; the actual saved power consumption is up to 42.62 kw.
(3) The waste nail loss is reduced by about 1.5%, equal to RMB70.00-80.00.
(4) At least RMB10-15/ton for nails cutter and mold.
(5) Because of the nails’ good quality, the efficiency of the nails is increased by 25%-45%, and the labor cost of the nails is reduced by at least RMB40.00/ton.
——conservatively estimated per ton of nails: 50+25+70+10+40=RMB195.00 /ton
(6) If you can use the cleaning wire, you don't need to polish the nails, then save more about RMB30.00/ton
——this can reduce the production cost per ton: 195+30=RMB225.00/ton
5. On February 19, 2019, their factory decided to continue to phase out the traditional equipment in the past, and purchase 15 units of high-speed nail making machines at one time, so that they have 26 high-speed nail making machines. They are ready to be replaced by our high-speed nail making machine in 2019, and they are about to buy another 20 units or so.
We have more than 60 well-trained skillful technicians, over 15000 square meters factory and equipped with high quality production&testing machines.

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