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Six-axis gantry machining center

Six-axis gantry machining center

CNC machining center

CNC machining center

Features of the six-axis gantry machining center

High-strength cast iron;
The X.Y.Z guide rails are all plastic rectangular;
Sliding rail
After intermediate frequency quenching and precision scraping;
Taiwan high-speed, high-precision spindle; the whole machine uses imported bearings.

Features of CNC machining center

At present, the industrial production industry is one of the most widely used CNC machine tools. It is a fully functional CNC machine tool that integrates high-tech functions such as milling and boring, making CNC machining centers have a variety of processing technologies. Represents the level of manufacturing in a country. Its main features are:

First, fully enclosed protection
The CNC machining center has a protective door. When the machine is closed, the protective door is closed, which can effectively prevent personal injury accidents.

Second, use multiple tools, automatic tool exchange
The CNC machining center has a tool magazine and an automatic tool changer. The required tools are loaded into the tool magazine before machining, and the tool can be automatically changed by program control during machining.

Third, the process is concentrated, and the processing is continuously carried out.
CNC machining centers usually have multiple feed axes (more than three axes), even multiple spindles, and there are many axes associated with each other, such as three-axis linkage, five-axis linkage, seven-axis linkage, etc., so that multiple planes can be automatically completed. Machining with multiple angular positions for high-precision machining of complex parts. The last clamping in the machining center can complete milling, boring, drilling, expanding, reaming, tapping and other processes, and the process is highly concentrated.
Fourth, high automation, high precision, high efficiency
Its spindle speed, feed speed and fast positioning accuracy are high. It can make full use of the cutting parameters to fully utilize the cutting performance of the tool, reduce the cutting time, and the whole process is continuous, all kinds of auxiliary actions are fast, the degree of automation is high, and the reduction is achieved. Auxiliary action time and downtime, therefore, the machining center is highly productive.

Fifth, use multiple workbenches, automatic exchange of workbench
If there is an automatic exchange table on the CNC machining center, one worktable can be processed while the other workbench completes the workpiece clamping, which greatly shortens the auxiliary time and improves the processing efficiency.

Sixth, powerful, trending composite processing
It can be combined with turning function, grinding function, etc. For example, the circular table can drive the workpiece to rotate at a high speed. The tool only performs the main motion without feeding, and completes similar turning processing, which makes the machining center have a wider processing range.

Seventh, under the right conditions, the best benefits can be achieved.
That is to say, in the course of use, it is necessary to give full play to the strengths of the machining center in order to fully reflect the benefits, which is essential for the rational use of the machining center.

Eighth, powerful, high investment
Due to the high degree of intelligence, complex structure and powerful functions of the CNC machining center, the investment and daily maintenance cost of the machining center is much higher than that of the ordinary machine tool.

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