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D90 Paper Strip D Head Nail Making Machine

-- 1pcs high speed nail making machine
-- 1pcs controller
-- 1pcs active wire pay-off stand (Max load:1.2--1.5 tons)
-- High productive: 760pcs/min
-- Defective rate: No defective nails, every nail is a good product
Nail Length:
Wire Diameter:
  • YH-ZDJ-D90
  • Yanhuang Machinery
  • D90

"Double Dies Double Punches" patent design high speed nail making machine YH-ZDJ-X90. New generation high speed wire nail making machine. A revolutionary progress in nail making industry.

High Speed D Head Nail Making Machine YH-ZDJ-D90

Output 760pcs/min
Nail Length 45--90mm
Wire Diameter 2.0--3.5mm
Power 7kw
Machine Weight 2800kg
Machine Size 2000*1400*1100mm
Wire Pay-off Max Load 1.2--1.5 tons
Defective Rate None. Every nail is a good product

Note: Due to the continuous development and upgrade of our nail making machine, the above nail making machine parameters are for reference only, the actual data is subject to contract.


Production workshop:


Currently, most nail factories are troubled with the poor quality products such as unevenness nail length, nail head deviation, regular size of nail head, crooked nail etc., In addition, the nails quality highly rely on the skillful workers, while many nail manufacturers can't find enough skillful workers, besides, the salary of skillful workers is much higher than common workers. 

Our high speed nail making machine can ensure that every nail is a good product, no defective nail produced. Owe to this advantage, there won't be jam or pause when nail coiling. As you may know, if there are defective nails, the coil nail collator will have to pause/stop and your workers need to deal with the defective nails.

This machine is used for producing various kinds of nails, such as coil nails, paper tape collated nail, common nails, wire nails, steel nails, iron nails etc.,

The machine is equipped with special setting mechanism which is used to make sure that the nail head features good stability, completely round and regular, in this manner to eliminate the defective i.e., fish tail, crooked nail, etc., which greatly trouble the nail manufacturers;

Our wire pay-off stand is also different with the common nail making machines. It's an active wire pay-off. There is a motor on it, which can actively feed the wire to nail making machine. Other wire pay-off stands are rely on the nail machine's pull force to feed the wire, and this will cause the nail length problem and also limit the max load. The max load of our wire pay-off is 1.2 tons to 1.5 tons, while others is only about 500kgs. Your workers no longer need to frequently change the wire rod. This also improve your production efficiency and reduce your labor cost.

Our machines have many other core technologies, which allow us to supply high quality machines at competitive price.  

Contact us now, for more information and support, thanks !


Yanhuang Machinery High Speed Nail Making Machines:

1 set high speed nail making machine includes: 

-- 1pcs high speed nail making machine  

-- 1pcs controller  

-- 1pcs active wire pay-off stand (Max load:1.2--1.5 tons).

Our advantages:

-- High productive: 760pcs/min

-- Defective rate: No defective nails, every nail is a good product

-- Labor cost down by 50%--70% on nail making

-- Labor cost down by 35%--45% on nail coiling; Because of no defective nails, there is no break off during nail coiling.

-- 1 worker can operate 10 machines

-- Cost down by $20.00 by producing 1 ton of nails (Based on price in China, if your local price is higher, you'll save more)

-- Easy to operate: A common worker can operate this machine after a simple demo 

-- Easy maintenance: No longer relying on experienced skillful workers

-- Our high speed nail making machine is of tantamount quality with the Germany famous nail making machine N90, but price is only about 1/5

-- Spare parts are with long lifetime and cheap price; Very low use-cost


Product application:

 •Coil nail     •Screw/Ring shank nail   •Bare shank coil nail

Coil nails, Screwring Shank Nails,Bare Shank Nails 

 •Paper tape collated nail

Paper tape collated nails 

 •Steel nail (with large or small nail head)


We have more than 60 well-trained skillful technicians, over 15000 square meters factory and equipped with high quality production&testing machines.

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