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High Speed Wire Drawing Machine YH-LSJ-WS9

1.Nail Wire Material Grade: SAE1006-1020
2.Inlet diameter: Ф 6.5 mm
3.Outlet diameter: Ф 2.0 mm
4.Drawing Consequence:Ф 6.5→Ф 2.0 mm
5.Operation Direction:From Left to Right or Righ to Left
6.Drawing speed: Ф 6.5→Ф 2.0 mm,max : 14m/s
7.Production Capacity: 20 Tons - 22 working hours per day, usage rate is 90%
  • YH-LSJ-WS9

Yanhuang high speed wire drawing machine 7-advantage:

Ø Safety: Horizontal wire drawing drum, “0” work injury when wire broken 

Ø Eco-friendly: Special Horizontal layout (gravity + dust removal collection)

Ø Energy Saver: Energy saving is 8% -10% compared with the traditional straight line wire drawing machine

Ø Low maintenance cost: Paten design reducer with lower failure rate; the maintenance of frequency converter is simpler

Ø More stable production: Unique horizontal axial cooling technology, tank immersion cooling, to ensure higher stability of machine operation

Ø Work intensity reduction: 7- 8 meters of visual work range, reducing operators inspecting the mileage

Ø Small area: Save 30% -40% compared to traditional straight line wire drawing machine



Technical Parameter:

Yanhuang High Speed Horizontal Wire Drawing Machine

1. Nail Wire Material Grade: SAE1006-1020

2. Inlet diameter: Ф 6.5 mm

3. Outlet diameter: Ф 2.0 mm

4. Drawing Consequence:Ф 6.5→Ф 2.0 mm

5. Operation Direction:From Left to Right or Righ to Left

6. Drawing speed: Ф 6.5→Ф 2.0 mm,max : 14m/s

7. Production Capacity: 20 Tons - 22 working hours per day, usage rate is 90%

We have more than 60 well-trained skillful technicians, over 15000 square meters factory and equipped with high quality production&testing machines.

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