Yanhuang Machinery High Speed Nail Making Machine Local Service Center in India

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Congratulations to India nail manufacturers !

Yanhuang Machinery is establishing our local service center in India. The first service center is in Faridabad. You will be able to see our high speed nail making machines there from August, 2019.

Yanhuang Machinery will send professional technicians to India to start the local service center. And after Faridabad, we will establish more service centers in India: Rajkot, Ahmedabad in Gujarat, Mumbai, Hyderabad, etc., we will try to cover more areas in India, and provide more convenient service to more India customers. 

Main functions of Yanhuang Machinery's India service center:

1. Help customers with the nail making machine installation, operation and maintenance etc.,

According to our India customers feedback, it's difficult for them to hire skillful nailers. They are not so confident on new machine's operation and maintenance. Though our high speed nail making machine is very easy to operate and maintain,  we still give support on the after-sale service. With our assistance, customers don't need to worry about any machine operation problems.

2. Train Indian technicians.

In order to provide more prompt and convenient service, we will train some Indian technicians. Indian technicians live in India and can speak Hindi, they can do better communication with customers and give fast response to customers. This will also help India nail making industry grow better. With more and more Indian skillful workers devote to nail making career, the India nail manufacturers will definitely benefit from it.

3. Exhibit our high speed nail making machines in India.

Due to many reasons, it's not so convenient for some customers to visit our nail making machine factory in China. And from now on, customers can visit our Indian local service center to see our machines. This will help customers reduce cost on market survey, and get to know our latest technologies, keep advanced in nail making industry.

So, if you want buy Yanhuang Machinery's new generation coil nail/wire nail making machines, or you want to know more about our latest design high speed nail making machines, please contact us, we will make appointment for you to visit our local service center in India, thanks !

We have more than 60 well-trained skillful technicians, over 15000 square meters factory and equipped with high quality production&testing machines.

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