Yanhuang Machinery Annual Sales Report in 2018--High speed nail making machines

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Recently, Yanhuang Machinery issued the sales report of 2018. As the leader high speed nail making machine manufacturer in China, Yanhuang Machinery's sales report is a barometer of the nail making industry. It also shows the industry trend: More and more nail manufacturers begin to replace the common nail making machines with high speed nail making machines. Fall behind means be eliminated, keep advanced is very important !

1. Total sales volume in 2018: 677 sets. Please see below diagram:

yanhuang machinery sales report

1.1 Domestic market was still accounting for a large proportion. In China, these nail manufacturers have very sharp business sense, we successfully invented this machine in the end of 2015. They found our machines in 2016 and keep attention on us since then. In 2017, we sold about 200 sets high speed nail making machines, Mostly, we sold them to big nail factories, which has strong purchasing capacity and rigid demand on high speed nail making machines. 

Most importantly, the traditional nail making machines can't meet their requirements. They need better and more stable nails quality, higher production capacity, lower labor cost, lower producing cost, lower use-cost. Yanhuang high speed nail making machines satisfy all their demands. After they actually enjoyed the benefit, our sales volume began to have an explosive growth in 2018. So far, in the field of high speed nail making machine, we occupy above 95% market share in China.

1.2 We began to sell our high speed nail making machines to overseas in the middle of 2017. It seems that our high speed nail machines are more appealed to the nail manufacturers in foreign countries. Every month, we have about 6-10 foreign customers visit our factory. Most of them knew or use the famous Wafios or Enkotec nail making machine, they also spoke highly of our machines. Especially those coil nail manufacturers, they bought our nail making machines and requested very fast delivery. "The earlier, the better",as they said.

1.3 In the initial years, we don't have our own foreign trade department. Our machines were sold to oversea customers via some trading companies. 

This year, we established our own foreign trade department, and made big change on the marketing strategy. Oversea markets will be our major development direction. In order to rapidly expand our foreign market, we make rare big promotion strategy this year. 

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We have more than 60 well-trained skillful technicians, over 15000 square meters factory and equipped with high quality production&testing machines.

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