Who is the best high-speed Nail making machine in China?

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There are too many choices of high-speed nail making machine on Made In China, Alibaba, Global Sources, B 2 B market, how to pick up the most suitable one? How to distinguish the best high-speed nail making machine manufacturer in China? How to ensure the best after-sales service? How to find the real manufacturer instead of disguising trading company? There are so many consuming traps in buying high-speed nail making machine in China.

The first step is to distinguish the real manufacturer, some trading companies in China, they are good at packaging themselves as the manufacturer, but actually, they are 100% traders, so how to distinguish the real manufacturer in China? Just browsing their website, if they are selling many different machines from many different industries, there are 90% possibilities that they are trader, because there is no one manufacturer in China can manufacture so many different machines across many industries, won’t be professional. There is another easy way, just see their complete company name, if there are any words such as Trading, trader, international trading, industry, industrial, 90% possibilities they are trading company. The third way to distinguish, to see their Alibaba shop, there will be the company file, will write what are they.

The second step is to distinguish the good manufacturer, the best way is to visit their factory in China, to see their factory management and worker’s situation. And their previous client's references, whether their factory is big, whether they use the good CNC machine, or other process machines, whether they have their professional engineers.

The third step to adjust whether they have CE certificate and machine patents, if copy machine of Wafios or Enkotec, the skills and technologies are not mature in China, not good performance. If they are the original innovative machine, good at inventing and having many professional and experienced engineers, then they can offer you the best after-sales service. And professional guidance and training will be given. This is very important because the good performance machine will bring the nail making plant many benefits and let it in the advantaged position in the competitive market, especially, nail making industry is the machine-oriented industry, good machine plus the good sales channels, can get a good position in the market. Especially, in India, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Russia, Ukraine, Qatar, Oman, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovenia, Belarus, those developing countries, and also nail making industry concentrated countries. The competition is very intense, a good machine is must-have. Either Wafios/Enkotec, or us, yanhuang machinery high-speed nail making machine, cost-effective high-speed nail making machine, good quality, similar function as Wafios, affordable price.

Choose yanhuang machinery high-speed nail making machine, choose the best and great reformation of the nail production line! Will bring you the best benefits and profits! We have 5 professional engineers, who participate in innovation of the machine, and we have CE certificate and patents, totally original innovation, no copy, some of the machine parts are imported from Japan, strict and high standards on factory management, those ensure yanhuang high speed nail making machine manufacturer can offer the best to the market!

We have more than 60 well-trained skillful technicians, over 15000 square meters factory and equipped with high quality production&testing machines.

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