What are the features of high-speed nail making machines?

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The so-called high-efficiency nail making machine has a certain difference from the ordinary nail making equipment. Although it belongs to the equipment for processing nail production, the performance of the two has obvious differences. This is because high-efficiency nail making machines have stricter standards and requirements in terms of equipment design and production efficiency, in order to meet the equipment performance of colleges and universities. Let's take a look at the differences.

1. The scope of high-efficiency nail-making mechanical products:

No matter what kind of equipment, it has its own range of capabilities. The same is true for high-efficiency nail making machines. The diameters of the nails processed by the equipment include: 4.0mm, 3.5mm and 3.0mm; the length of the nail body is included. There are 100mm, 80mm and 55mm; the diameter of the nail head is 10mm, 8mm and 5mm respectively. Normally, the thickness of the nail head to be processed is a round nail in the range of about 2 mm.

2. Adaptability of high-efficiency nail making machinery:    From the practical application situation, this nail making machine can meet the processing and production of low-carbon steel nails of different specifications. Moreover, it can make ordinary round nails with short straight wires, and the short wire will fall out automatically and will not get stuck in the machine.    

3. Not only that, in comparison, the high-performance nail making process in the nail making process is more stable, and the feeding is accurate, the work efficiency is high, and the production volume is large. 

4.a good interpretation of the meaning of efficiency. This high-efficiency nail making machine has excellent mechanical performance, simple and reasonable overall structure, low running noise, low power consumption, and easy operation and maintenance.

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