The emergence of automatic nail making machine is a revolution in the nail making machine industry

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The emergence of automatic nailing machine equipment is a revolution in the nail making machine industry. The emergence of automatic nail making machine equipment completely solves the problem that the length of nails, partial caps and nail caps of traditional nail making machines appear in the nail making process. First, the aircraft head, nails and other issues, to a large extent improve the quality of the nail; at the same time also improve the survival rate of the nail factory, because the equipment uses fully automatic intelligent operation, not only can reduce nailing, but also High nailing efficiency. 4 processes for nailing

1, drawing

When making nails, the automatic nail making machine must determine what kind of steel bars are to be nailed, such as new steel bars, scrap steel bars, etc. The scrap steel wire drawing is more troublesome, not as fast as the new steel bars, but the cost of scrap steel is its cost. Very objective. The wire of the finished wire is drawn at a relatively fast speed, saving a part of the manpower and the speed of the nailing is very fast.

2, nailing

After pulling the wire, pass the fully automatic wire feeder head, then pull the wire and then feed it into the machine head to produce the semi-finished nails.

3, polishing

The finished semi-finished nails are put into the polishing machine for polishing, and the polishing machine is put into some chemical raw materials such as sawdust, paraffin, gasoline, etc., and after rubbing impact, the shiny and shiny nails are thrown.

4, packaging

Parts 1, 2, and 3 can be fully automated, and the packaging needs to be made by the nail making factory according to the requirements of the user.

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