How to distinguish regular nail making machine and high speed nail making machine?

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There is a question for many nail making plants production manager, how to distinguish the regular nail making machine and the high-speed nail making machine. Just to adjust from the speed? Wrong!

When we are talking with some clients from nail making industry about high speed nail making machine, leave high speed nail making machine alone, they never hear about Wafios or Enkotc! The best high speed nail making machine manufacturers in the world! Some of them think that if the speed is over is 500pcs/min, it is high speed nail making machine, some of them think that double wire nail making machine is high speed nail making machine. In the next article, we will introduce you guys what are the differences between them.

High speed nail making machine, adjust from the speed and the machine inside main structure, speed is over 750pcs/min, and inside structure is double nail dies and double punches, this is the high speed nail making machine.

Double wire nail making machine, just let the nail making speed double than before caused by the double wire income in the same time, for example, sole wire regular nail making machine speed is 450pcs/min, on this basement, the double wire nail making machine, let the wire income double, than the speed is double too, 900pcs/min, but from the structure to say, it is still regular nail making machine.

Speed is around 450pcs/min-700pcs/min regular nail making machine, just fast, sacrifice the nail quality to reach the speed, the structure is still one nail die and one nail punch. Easy to tell.

So after reading this article, can you adjust the regular nail making machine and the high speed nail making machine now?

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