Deep analysis of the working principle of nail making machine

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Our nail making machines use unique patented technology and are stamped twice. The double-die double-punching nailing process has no deviation in diameter and thickness of the punched cap.

Because the raw material of the nail is a roll of low-carbon steel wire or steel rod with the same diameter and diameter of the nail, in order to make the nail making machine of our design meet the design requirements of the product, our design idea is:

1. Wire straightening: When the steel wire is conveyed, the curved wire is straightened by the friction wheel, and the wire feeding and the straightening action are coordinated, but it is considered that the wire cannot be continuously conveyed in order to cooperate with the following operation process. Therefore, it is necessary to consider using a intermittent nailing machine to make the wire feed intermittently. At the same time, the clamping mechanism is added, which can be relaxed during wire feeding and clamped during the remaining operation time.

Cold nail cap: The nail we see has a nail cap. When the wire is clamped by the clamping mechanism, a piece of steel wire is exposed for the cold nail cap. The moving or swinging punching mechanism can be used.

Cold extrusion tip: The tip shape is extruded through a die.

Cutting the steel wire: After the extrusion is completed, the cutting mechanism cuts the steel wire, and the quick-return motion mechanism can be used.

The clamping mechanism is released and the nails are dropped.

The wire feeding and the silk retreating combination, each nail is subjected to three actions of feeding, cutting and retreating, completely separating the nails from the nail rod, thereby ensuring the quality of each nail produced.

The nailing machine mechanism is relatively large, and the mutual movement is also complicated, and the coordination becomes more important. Therefore, we consider connecting the active parts with gears and belts, so that the nail making machine has the effect of linkage.

Nail machine manufacturers use independent innovation to promote the nailing machine technology to continuously improve.

We have more than 60 well-trained skillful technicians, over 15000 square meters factory and equipped with high quality production&testing machines.

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