Analysis of market prospects of YH-ZDJ-X90 high speed nail making machine

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After using the YH-ZDJ-X90 high-speed nail making machine, the company will double the output of the old nail making machine, saving half of manpower and energy saving up to 40%. The output of a YH-ZDJ-X90 high-speed nail making machine Can reach the output of three machines of ordinary machines.

With the continuous increase of labor and site costs, economic globalization has become more and more obvious. The use of safe and high-speed nail making machines can minimize production costs and increase production efficiency, thus maximizing profits. The high-speed nail making machine in foreign countries is expensive, and the price of hundreds of thousands and millions of products is high. The YH-ZDJ-X90 high-speed nailing products produced by our company are catering to the current situation. The price is moderate, the speed is fast, and the qualification rate is high. The error of the length of the nail is small, which will help you develop a beautiful market!


YH-ZDJ-X90 nail making machine is the inevitable trend of the development and innovation of nail making industry. At present, the traditional nail making machine on the market is backward, costing a lot of labor and high scrap rate. On the surface of these various phenomena, the traditional nail making machine will be eliminated, nails The industry's profit is meager, throwing awaylabor, waste products, and the profit is running low. Coupled with the continuous supply of nail quality requirements in the nail industry, the wages of the nail workers continue to rise, and the situation of the nail factory boss becomes more and more difficult. Only by solving these problems from the root cause is to improve the quality and reduce the labor is the only difference, and this YH-ZDJ-X90, which has been tested in the market, can completely solve these problems. Some nail factory owners believe that investing a large amount of funds in a short period of time is more risky, but in the long run it is worthwhile. The price of high-speed nail making machines is seen, and the loss caused by long-term labor and continuous waste is Unpredictable, the quality can not be guaranteed, the customer can not grasp, so the impact of such a vicious circle can be imagined.

We have more than 60 well-trained skillful technicians, over 15000 square meters factory and equipped with high quality production&testing machines.

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