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Overseas customers come to Yanhuang for a field trip (left 2 is Yan Huang legal person, R&D director: Mr. Tang Jiasheng)

Why are more and more overseas nail maker users choosing Yanhuang? The reason is actually very simple, because they recognize the price of the Yanhuang nail making machine. Yanhuang people can spare no effort in the research and development of the nail making machine. Starting from every detail, the performance of the nail making machine is continuously improved.

When ordinary steel nails are nailed into the workpiece, it is not only time-consuming and labor-intensive, but also due to uneven force, there is a possibility of flying nails or broken nails, and the use of air gun nail steel nails not only has the same effect, but also saves time and effort. This has led to an increasing use of steel studs in recent years.

The nail making machine for producing steel studs is almost the same as the process for producing ordinary steel nails, except that one more row of nails (that is, a single nail is stuck through a special glue).

Firstly, select the appropriate high carbon steel plate element, and then cold-pulled to the appropriate diameter and then nailed by the nail making machine. After the nail is finished, it is quenched, polished and galvanized to make the nail of the appropriate specifications. The last is the most important step: row nails. The nailing equipment includes processes of separation, orientation, alignment, gluing, drying, cutting, and the like. Due to the special shape of the steel studs and special procedures, the conventional nailing is purely manual operation, and currently it can only reach the semi-automatic and semi-manual state, and it cannot be fully automatic. For large enterprises, the funds are abundant, and the previous set of quenching and galvanizing lines is not a problem. However, for the entrepreneurs who are short of starting funds, it is better to look at the manufacturers that have no professional quenching and galvanizing nearby because there is no set. Quenching and galvanizing equipment is very expensive, so don't blindly produce nails.

We have more than 60 well-trained skillful technicians, over 15000 square meters factory and equipped with high quality production&testing machines.

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