Design description of the mechanism of nail-making machinery cold heading structure

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In the structural composition of the automatic nail making machine, there are many relatively critical components. Therefore, when designing these components, the relevant requirements should be met. For example, the wire feeding process of an automatic nail making machine adopts a ratchet mechanism. This structure can meet the intermittent production and the smooth indexing, but it may affect the system working effect during the wire feeding process.

In response to such a situation, we can make corresponding improvements to the cold heading structure of the nail making machine to keep it running well. At this time, the crankshaft linkage mechanism and the cold heading system need to be connected. This structural design is relatively simple, and the operation effect of the equipment can be obviously improved. At the same time, the cold heading and the cold extrusion operation can also be synchronized according to the initial position adjustment method. 

At the same time, when designing the cold heading structure, it is usually placed in the center position of the automatic nail making machine and is placed in the middle rail of the system. At this point, the crank can be connected to the central slider. When the crankshaft rotates, the crank can pull the slider to move repeatedly in the guide rail. In this way, the purpose of stamping is achieved.     In addition, if you want to further improve the efficiency of the automatic nail making machine, you can also achieve this by improving the cold extrusion tip and shear mechanism design. The cold-squeezing top plate can use the same sliding structure as the tightening machine, and the sliding rod can be inverted by the sliding plate, and the wire can be extruded at the highest point, or the corresponding shape can be extruded and the wire can be cut.     In this case, the cutting and squeezing actions of the automatic nailing machine can be synchronized, which not only greatly improves the work efficiency, but also helps to improve the coordination of the system work. In short, this design not only improves the efficiency of the automatic nailing machine, but also makes the entire structure more compact.

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