4 reasons why the nail cutter tool is damaged quickly

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In the production process of nail making machines, it is often encountered that some customers have shorter tool life. Some customers are also complaining about how long it takes to change. There is also a reason for this. The nailing machine manufacturer will introduce you to four common reasons for causing the nail cutter to be damaged quickly.

1, material, material is too strong

If the material is too hard, the tool will wear quickly; the material has defects such as ash and sew.

2, the reason of the tool itself

Some cutting edges do not meet the requirements. It should be noted that the applicable cutting edges for materials of different hardness and strength are also different.

3, the machine adjustment is not in place

The clamping force is insufficient or too tight when the incoming knife or the incoming roller enters the line. At this time, we should adjust the wire feeding knife so that the knife can reliably feed the wire and change the wear parts of the wire feeder.

4, the pay-off frame is not applicable or the turntable is not flexible

In this case, we should redesign the nailing machine pay-off frame and ensure that the turntable rotates flexibly and evenly.

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